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Find E Mail Addresses for Coast Guard Personnel

Do you know how to find e mail addresses for people in any of the military branches, such as the Coast Guard? Do you think that this is considered confidential military information? The fact of the matter is that it is relatively easy to search for an e mail address belonging to someone in the Coast Guard or armed forces, because this is definitely not confidential information.
In fact, you don?t even have to approach military authorities to get in touch with an old friend or family member, who has been serving. While military records cannot be provided in an instantaneous fashion over the web, anyone can use the Internet to find e mail address details about soldiers on active duty or even for those that have retired.
The most popular approach is to visit the email address finder at the military?s homepage ( This is their "Buddy Finder? and it asks the person seeking the information to enter the full name of the Coast Guard personnel and then provides any information available, including their current email address. Unfortunately, not all active members or veterans will have addresses or information available through this directory. You can create an account and "add to friends? any listings that seem viable. This can serve to alert you if your friend does register data at any point in the future.
The next way to find e mail addresses for members of the Coast Guard or other armed forces, utilizes a standard search engine. You can begin by simply entering the person?s full name. Usually, this will bring results that can include any social networking pages such as Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, you could include terms such as "Coast Guard? in the search to see if that generates any information as well.
Usually a search that includes many terms, such as those mentioned above, will lead to links for Coast Guard newspapers or even company websites and newsletters too. This is often a great way to figure out if the friend is still on active duty, or if they have completed their service.

Further Solutions

If you still don?t find e mail addresses through these approaches, you can always use one of the excellent people finder or "white pages? services on the Internet. Often these deliver much more than a single email address, and can even connect to public records data too.
This means that you could enter your friend?s name into a search at one of the more reliable and full-featured white pages websites; and then review the results, to see if they have data that seems to match up with your friend. For instance; an accurate age, lists of family members, current and past addresses, and even the fact of service in the Coast Guard or other armed forces may show up. This means that the report offered can give comprehensive information that is as current and as accurate as possible.

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