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Find an Email Address of Air Force Personnel

Even with all of the modern forms of communication it is easy to lose touch with someone. After a while we might no longer have their correct phone number or email address. Connections can get even more strained when someone is in the military and moves around a lot over the course of only a few years. So, how do you find a email address from a long-lost friend or family member in the Air Force or other military branch?
All military records are considered private and confidential and any requests for such information are required to be submitted in writing. Luckily, most people will not need to go that far to find emails because the Internet can make the process much simpler. Remember that such things as social networking sites, personal blogs or web pages, and all kinds of directories are not regulated by military offices. This means that using a basic search engine and some accurate details can usually take someone quite far in their search for an e mail address.
Let?s look at a single example of how someone can find a email address for a friend in the Air Force. They know that their buddy entered the service just out of high school, and they know the names of their friend?s family members. They can enter their friend?s name and the phrase "Air Force? into a search engine to see what they find. It is quite likely that this will reveal military newspapers or newsletters that reference the friend, and which will help out greatly in the email address search.
If you don?t have any personal details that can help find email details, you may want to just turn directly to the military right away. While they do not freely give out information, the do offer an e mail finder at their website. This is called their "Buddy Finder? and it allows someone to search by the name and branch of the armed forces in which their friend has served, or is still serving. The only limitation with this is that a member of the military may not have updated the data and the email account may not be correct.

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Are there any other e mail finders? As mentioned above, Air Force Company websites often have search features and can serve as a rapid email address finder. Additionally, regular search engine results will also indicate some pages like social networking sites (including Facebook and Classmates) which are frequently a way that soldiers stay in touch with many people at a single location. You can often search for people and find a email address through a simple "friend request?.
What if you just "think? you have the correct email address, but you want to be absolutely certain? There are email tracer websites that function like email address finders in reverse. They trace the address to its origins, and this often leads to other public records. It is information such as "possible family members? and hometown that can help a friend to validate if the address is correct.

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