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How to Find Someone's Email Address in the Military

If you need to find someone's email address-and they are currently in the military-you may need to know right away that most military records are considered private, and that all requests for current location and mailing address are to be received in writing. This doesn?t mean that you can?t use alternative approaches to conduct a search for an email address of a friend or family member in the armed forces.
One of the first places to go in order to use a very effective and powerful e mail finder is to the military itself. The website has an easy to use "buddy? finder that allows someone to enter the name and branch of the armed forces that they need to search for their friend or family member. This is an extremely easy way to find someone's email address when they are serving; but if their name is a common one or if you are not sure if they were in the Navy or the Marines, then you may get a little stumped in your efforts.
There are some basic approaches that can help you to find the information you need, and one of the strongest tools you will have is details. For instance, what high school did your friend attend? Do you know where they grew up? Did they graduate from a college before joining the military? What is their hometown? Do they have any particularly special interests or hobbies? Were they a member of any organizations or clubs that also have websites? All of these details can be used to help you easily find someone's email address, if you cannot get in touch with them any other way.
Let?s take a simple example ? you have a friend from high school who went into active duty in the Marines after graduation. It is almost ten years since you last saw them, and you would like to find them and drop them an email. You open a web browser and head to your favorite search engine; and you type in the friend?s full name, hometown, high school name, and Marines. When you get results, it is not all that unlikely that you will find a link to a military company?s website to which your friend belongs or serves in, a Facebook link that might belong to them, and perhaps an alumni page from their college. Each of these public records should be considered a vital tool in your quest to find someone's email address.

Other Options

Let?s say that instead of needing to find their email address through an email search, you know that you already had it and just can?t remember which one it is from a few dozen on your contacts list. How do you identify the right one? There is an online service known as an email tracer which can look at the email address, and follow it back to its owner. This option will tell you where the IP address is which then provides the geographic location of the server, and it will also usually tell you the full name of the account holder as well.

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