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What is a Government Workers' Email Finding Directory?

 It isn?t always easy to locate an email address for a private individual, but most government and business addresses will appear on some sort of listing or directory. The trick to successful email finding -where government personnel are concerned-is to begin the process with as much knowledge as possible.
To find an email address requires the searcher to know the agency or office in which the person belongs, the geographic location of that office, and even what level of government in which they function. Is it a local, state or federal employee? Will they be grouped with others, or will they have some sort of independent listing?
Any email search is going to be more successful when the search criteria is jam-packed with details and information, and this is particularly true where government workers are concerned. Consider that there are thousands of employees in the federal government alone, and each has a title and email account. This means that the listings for each office and agency are going to be extensive, and in many cases, they may be entirely unavailable.
It is somewhat important to note that there will be high-level officials and employees of security agencies that will not have any sort of public contacts listings available. This is just a sensible way to ensure that computers remain secure and that time is not wasted. Anyone who is hoping to contact upper-level employees will probably have to begin the process through a general mail box and will also have to accept discussing any issue with lower-level workers before they are put into contact with officials.
Okay, what if you just need to find someone within the National Parks Service? This sort of search could begin at the Parks Service website, but a faster approach might be to use a simple search engine and include all of the relevant data. For instance, "John Smith National Parks Service? would be a good way to see if any results appear from the different directories that the Parks Service make available. This is actually one of the most common approaches to email searches, and even more time can be saved by viewing the "cached? data because the exact search terms will appear in a highlighted fashion on the web page

Reverse Email Searches

What about verifying information contained in email communications? When you receive any emails from someone claiming to work in the government they will probably have an address that ends with the .gov suffix. This is not always the only way to know that a communication is authentic; however, and the use of an email tracer website may be a wise option.
Email tracers can follow any email address (or source header data from an email) all of the way back to the sender. When a website performs these reverse email searches the individual will be able to find out the full name of the sender, their geographic location, and even the IP address of the computer. This allows them to know if it really is someone working from a government office or someone committing fraud.

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