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How to Find Email Addresses of Government Employees

Not all email searches are simple, and quite often the person in search of the address has no really solid place to begin the process. When someone wants to find email addresses for known government employees; however, they are working at a distinct advantage. This is because almost every government run agency will make an email directory available for those who are willing to take the time to find it and search through it.
It is important to accept right from the start; however, that there will always be certain departments and groups that work in an environment of secrecy or privacy, and that little direct contact information will be available through a traditional email search. For instance, there is really no way to find email contact information that leads directly to the desks of powerful government administrators or agents of the CIA; but there are "general? addresses that might help to get messages through to the appropriate staff members.
Clearly, the trick is beginning the email search already knowing which agency that the individual works within. Remember too, that government exists on the federal, state, and local levels and that you must direct the search accordingly. For example, if you wanted to find email addresses state representatives to the Senate you could use the directories available on both federal and state websites.

The Basic Approach

Unfortunately, there is no basic e mail finder website operating today, but there are many reliable "white pages? resources that accept all kinds of search terms. These resources can often find email address information for all different kinds of government employees and agencies. The trick to a successful search is to have as much data as possible. For instance, the full name with its correct spelling, the city in which the offices are located, and the department or agency in which that person works can all help to deliver relatively targeted results.
The same sort of search criteria could also be entered directly into a standard search engine like Bing, Yahoo!, or Google; and the results would probably guide the individual directly to an agency?s website or directory location.
What about an email message from someone claiming to work for the government? How do you know when someone is truly a valid employee? The first thing to look for is the .gov suffix. All government agencies have access to this form of address, but that may not be the only format that is valid or authentic.
If someone is claiming to work for the government, but the recipient of the message wanted to be sure that the message was valid; they could simply and easily run it through an online email tracer. This sort of option would follow the email address all of the way back to its source. This would tell the person what the IP address for the sender is, where they are geographically located, and the name registered to the account. Clearly, this is the best way to authenticate almost any message.

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