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E Mail Finding in State Government Employee Directories

Do you know how many employees work for your state? The U.S. Census Bureau recorded almost four million state employees in their 2008 totals. If each of the 50 states had an equal share of those employees, that would mean eighty thousand people! Obviously not all state governments are that full of employees, but they do all number in the thousands; which means that e mail finding for a state government employee could be a bit tricky.
Due to the fact that there is no one-stop or easy to use e mail finder for most states (due to the fact that each state?s government has all kinds of divisions and offices); anyone who wants to find an email address for a specific employee, must start their search with some basic facts and approaches.
So, what is a good way to go about e mail finding for state workers? The answer to that involves the amount of information that the individual doing the email search might have. For instance, do you know if you are just looking for a man named Fred Smith in the State Comptroller?s office, or is it just Fred Smith in state government? The difference between the two sets of data makes a great deal of difference in how an email search could be done.
With the first set of data, the searcher could head to a traditional search engine and just enter the name and office. This would probably direct them to one of the formally organized state directories. The second set of data might make it a bit more difficult, but would also probably take the individual to links for general government directories on the Internet.

A Search Without Data

Can email searches for state government employees be done without any real data? For instance, you want to send an email to someone in the Governor?s office, but you have no idea of the right person. What sort of search can you do? That requires a simple search for the state?s governor?s office or the state?s website. From there, the individual will be able to find links to all of the available employee directories. The great thing is that most states do have an abundance of directory information available.
Naturally, the same approaches to any email search might be used to find contact details for all kinds of state workers. For instance, you might head to an online white pages directory, and indicate that you are looking for state government contact information. Often these sites will pull both yellow and blue page information as well, and this is how they can be quickly and easily used to find relevant email details about individual state employees.
It is also interesting to note that there are actually some incredibly comprehensive websites that offer direct access to many state, county, and city government websites from a single location. When using just a plain search engine to find state government offices, most people will be taken to sites such as this. They can be quite helpful if the individual knows the area of the government in which to look.

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