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Legislation on E Mail Find Research

While the industry of email communications has grown from the very basic beginnings as a simple function to a wide array of specialty services and accounts; it is still in its infancy as regards to privacy laws. There are-of course-laws in place as regards email communications content-with stipulations not to include most corporate entities-but in regards to locating a person?s email contact information; the legality of this in relation to privacy is a bit more gray.

So many people today go online to find email addresses of professional and personal contacts, it is commonplace. People look to reconnect with old friends, rekindle flames, and start new working relationships with colleagues and possible future clients. Few of us know; however, that there are both legal and illegal means of conducting a search for this information.

One of the most telling aspects of whether a person is going about an e mail find is where they are getting this contact information. According to both state and federal legislation on the finding of email address information; most will agree that is the information is listed in a publically available online location-such as a professional directory or social networking site-that research is legally allowed. This said, depending on how this information is then used, can make the whole research process illegal. For example, if a spam company locates a person?s email address and uses it as a part of a harvesting scheme to sell their email address-along with many others-to other spammers; the research is illegal. Moreover, if any advertiser is seeking to find this email address information for the purpose of emailing individuals to sell them something that was unsolicited by the individual, then this too, is illegal-and is considered spam.

The basic laws governing email communications and e mail find research is that, if a search to find contact info is done for a personal purpose, and done correctly-than the research is legal. Conversely, if an entity either goes to great lengths to find contact information for those who do not want to be contacted and/or this entity?s purpose is to sell them something with this communication-the act is illegal. In this section, we address how both state and federal legislation regulate how email contact information is found, as well as how it is applied, once found.

State Legislation on Finding Email Addresses

One of the main ways in which the email address search is limited is through the various state laws in place to affect these findings. Depending upon on the state in which you live, could greatly affect how email communications is limited, in regards to the means that people use to locate your email address in connection to what they use it for. In this section, we offer a directory of resource listings for each state?s website-in order to best acquaint you with their specific legislation on email contact information and communications.

Though it is a work in progress, as more and more acts of and offensive nature occur over the Internet-in regards to how and what people are emailed; more federal laws have been put into place. At present, there are a number of federal laws in place, in accordance to spam-being email that is unsolicited by the individual receiving it. In this section, we examine exactly what this legislation is and how it functions to combat criminal email search and use activity.

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