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How to Keep Email Private Through Internet Email Privacy

The Internet email privacy issues are some of the most discussed at present. The Internet presents sort of a conundrum, that is somewhat similar to what one would face at a huge party: there are many people with whom to speak, but not everyone is someone with whom one would like to converse. Likewise, there may be people about who haven?t the best of intentions at heart. One needs to keep control of their personal information as much as possible. Just as they wouldn?t give their address to a stranger at the party, they shouldn?t give their email to strange sites online.

Email find services provide a useful offering, provided that access to one?s contact information is controlled. An old friend may take advantage of email finds to see if they can resume contact. However, one may not wish their name to be listed on any directory at all. To accomplish this feat of anonymity, remember to never give a full email address to any site, which does not guarantee security. Never sign with one?s email address on a public petition, and invent an anonymous free address to use for login forms and other sites, which require one sort of contact or another.

Email tracers will always reveal the origins of an email, including the username of the person who sent it. While the Internet, much like a car windshield, tends to increase one?s boldness with being aggressive, remember that anyone can run email tracers on any message they receive and that there is no way to effectively hide the origins of any email. Email privacy does not include the capability to harass or threaten from an unassailable perch. Emails and privacy go hand and hand but individuals should be aware that they are, in fact, accountable online.

Secure email services allow users the assurance that their communications cannot be intercepted en-route. These services use a similar technology to the secure servers usually seen on shopping sites. Secure emails are encrypted in transit, which ensures that anyone intercepting them will receive only a mess of garbled letters, numbers, and symbols for their effort. While this encryption is powerful, one must still be certain that they limit the types of information sent online. It?s best to avoid sending anything as compromising as a credit card number or a social security number over email. Secure messages can handle it, but being in the habit of avoiding the practice is best.

Privacy-with respect to your email-is a huge concern for any Internet user and, ultimately, there are some limitations on privacy that Internet users must accept. If one?s email address has become compromised by spammers, harassers or other unwanted individuals; it may be best to simply open up a new address and to use the old address as a decoy. While it is possible for most anyone to find an email address online, it?s not required of the email owner to read any of the missives sent or to even check that email address at all!

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