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Find Email Address Privacy Restrictions

When one sets out to find an email address, they should consider their motives before undertaking the effort. There are significant restrictions on the ways in which one can find e mail addresses and, even more so, there are significant restrictions regarding how one may use those addresses once they are found. Whether or not one manages to find email address information, which has long been the subject of a determined search; there are significant consequences for using that address in any way that runs contrary to the letter or the intent of the law. Where the Internet is concerned, privacy laws are always being written.

One can locate email information from a multitude of online directories. Some of these directories are paid services and some of them are free. Whichever one a user chooses, there will be policies listed in the terms of service for the site, which will dictate how any information gleaned from the site may be used. Be sure to check these policies. Particularly on the paid sites, users may have signed up for professional networking and, though one can certainly find email contacts on these sites, it doesn?t mean that one is free to use these addresses for anything but approved purposes.

Understanding Email Address Privacy Restrictions

E-mail find services need to be investigated before they are used. For example, if one finds a service which works with a very large free provider and asks for a certain search; they may be presented with thousands of results none of which are useful and many of which may be restricted in their use. The owners of these addresses may have never made them publically-available, as well, which can open up an entirely new set of potentially problematic complications. Always make certain any search service is above the board and that any e mail finds are legitimately gained.

Email tracer services allow users to protect their own privacy. These services are really quite similar to tracing a call in the days before caller ID. The service uses electronic information contained on every email to perform the trace. The email trace will reveal where the message originated, who sent the message, to whom the message was sent and at what domain the recipient was located. It will also give the numerical IP of the email server, which makes it much easier to track down the owner of the server if there are problems.

On the Internet, there really is no privacy afforded by technology. In fact, to receive any information, a computer must give information regarding its location and its numerical address, which may be traced back to the user. Privacy is provided mainly by legal protections that insulate people from the various forms of exploitation that were very common in the early days of the Internet. For users, this means that their privacy is protected but that they must also respect the legal privacy rights of others if they wish to use the Internet without running into legal troubles due to inattention to the law.

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