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Government Email Monitoring

While conspiracy theorists would be concerned the federal and state governments are taking personal privacy away and monitoring every email sent, this is not the case. After a certain set of laws were passed, the federal government does have more rights toward the idea of government email monitoring. However, this does not mean that they can monitor emails as they wish. The laws were set in place to help track and handle suspicious activity in light of 2001?s terrorist attacks.

Government internet monitoring is a different issue. Especially on public domain sites like blogs, feedback walls, and social networking sites; the government can make use of monitoring to avoid potential terrorist activities. In cases of suspicion, email monitoring and email tracers could be used to pinpoint the danger.

While the government may have the ability to even detect what websites an individual visits, they cannot do this without taking certain steps. These steps include suspicion that the account could be dangerous or illegal, as well as working with the Internet service provider of the individual in order to be able to access the private information.

Government Employee Email Monitoring

When it comes to the government as a workplace; emails monitoring, government emails privacy, and the use of the email tracer takes on a totally different role. It is commonplace for government offices-both on a state and a federal level-to require employees to sign a privacy agreement. These agreements often state that information shared with the employee is to not be shared elsewhere.
Is it alright for the government to monitor emails? When the emails are sent on government computer systems, or using government email address; the answer would be yes. An email monitor can be vital for many different government offices since the type of data passed within the offices is often highly sensitive or confidential. By employing various types of software that makes use of email finds, the government can ensure the safety of the sensitive data.
Many regular businesses use an emails monitor to make sure that their employees are not sending private emails on company time. With the government, email privacy takes on a very, very important role. The government emails monitoring also protects the privacy of non-government citizens. Since citizen data could be within the databases of such government offices as the department of labor, the department of family and children services, and the department of motor vehicles. Without these emails monitor programs, your personal information could easily be shared by government employees.
While the government monitor email issue has been a hot button topic-widely debated in the media and politics-it serves a very important purpose. By choosing to keep track of the digital communications sent and received by employees, and by using an email find service to pinpoint where the email came from and where it was sent to, the government could avoid security breaches in many of the state and federal offices.
Generally, when an employee starts work for a government office, they will be given a privacy policy stating how their emails and their web browsing could be monitored. It is important for the employee to read the policy and understand their rights to privacy despite the monitoring systems.

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