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What is an Email Monitor

While most individuals view internet security from the standpoint of one trying to protect their privacy, there are many skilled individuals who have come to view it from the other perspective; they are not all criminals. Email surveillance is oftentimes performed by companies and government agencies where security is an issue. Email tracer services and email monitor software enable companies to see the communications sent by their employees. Email surveillance services may seem rather intimidating to those who work at run-of-the-mill businesses. For those who work in high-security fields, however, they?re par for the course.

How Email Monitors Work

Email monitor services can perform their task in several different ways. Emails may be monitored manually from the server. Any email sent passes through the server and-unless it is encrypted-the data may be read in transit. There are other ways to perform email tracing, but using the server is one of the most frequent ways this is done. Some services can be set up for email monitor work by programming them to copy every email that passes through, and to deliver that to a catch-all box. Remember that email is written communication which can be copied thousands of times in a second! It definitely leaves an e-paper trail.

Email tracer applications allow users to backtrack the origins of an email. An employee who is tasked with being the email monitor may be forwarded an abusive or commercial advertisement from an unknown source. Using an email tracer, that employee can find out where it came from. What follows, depends upon the message. One may simply elect to blacklist the server and to never receive emails from it again; or they could decide to press charges, if the email surveillance reveals that there is something illegal afoot. Either way, no matter where one sends their email from, email surveillance technology makes it possible to reveal the server name.

Email surveillance is sometimes done by monitoring outgoing messages, as well. If a server catches a virus, it will oftentimes begin spewing out thousands upon thousands of spam messages. Email monitor services can detect this activity and stop the server. An email surveyer will also save all those messages which allow the personnel to use the email tracer to determine where the original, infected message was sent from; and will empower those employees to take action against the owner of the server, or simply to shut it out of their services altogether.

Email surveillance does have a somewhat Orwellian feel to it, but it?s a necessary part of the digital world. Without email monitor services, the protocol would be a sure-fire way for people to engage in all manner of illegal and unethical activities. Due to the fact that email surveillance often takes place at the server level, users are protected from the worst possible consequences. Email surveillance services will continue to be used by just about every business and-as the cost and complexity of technology increases-they will become more powerful and more flexible in their task, as well as in their capability to keep a system safe.

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