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Email Monitoring

Online communications are sent by the billions all over the world every single day, but few give a thought that most emails can be subject to what is called email monitoring by different entities. If this is a new term to you, there is a lot of central topics to understand under this heading. In this category on email monitoring, we examine everything that is integral to understanding about the whats, whos, hows, and whys of this subject matter.

If you are new to the subject of the surveillance of online communication-the first question you may have is: who is keeping tabs on your online communication? While most anyone can monitor online communications for their own purposes-there are a few central entities that are both entitled to do so legally, as well as are the ones that do it most often. These are employers, parents, and the government. Before jumping to any conclusions about privacy concerns, read into this category to examine the nature and capabilities of these parties to monitor your online communications.

If you are like most-and wondering about your own online communications-you probably want to know if there are any monitoring laws that protect the person involved, in regards to privacy legislation. While in many cases, a person is protected by their own right to privacy in all communications; there are two central variables that could dramatically influence this: both in what context the communications are being sent-meaning professional or personal, as well as the purpose as according to jurisdiction. In this category, we examine each of these variables to better understand the laws involved in surveillance of emails.

One of the common ways that people monitor online communications is with the use of what is called email surveillance software. This software allows the entity seeking the information to automatically watch the online communications of another-conveniently. In this category, we examine the specifics of this purpose, as well as what deciding to use software to monitor emails can give the person seeking this information-as opposed to them doing it on their own, or enlisting the aid of an online communications monitor.

Lastly, if you are considering using a monitor service to automate your online communications surveillance, you will want to know what options are available to you. One of the most pressing questions you may have is: are there any free versions? In this section, we evaluate what a free service of this kind is, as well as how it compares to that of a paid one.

As any discussion on a topic should always begin, the definition and function of emails monitoring is very important. While you may have a general idea of what surveying online communications may be; you may be still unaware of what an email monitor is. When an entity decides that they want to monitor someone?s emails, they can do so in a number of ways. Some employ monitoring software, others regularly check their server?s activity, and still others employ someone else to monitor the email activity. This someone else is what is called an email monitor. In this section, we take a closer look at the function and role of an email monitor in the surveillance of online communications.

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